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What's in a name?

The story behind the name of 'the Windshook Lab Ltd.'


There has always been something about the resilience of Newfoundland & Labrador that has really spoke to me. Both it's people and the land, bravely edging into the cold North Atlantic. If you have been fortunate enough to have grown up in the area, or spent any time here at all for that matter, you would be well versed in the cast of weather that Mother Nature throws over us. Although she dispels all the elements (and sometimes all in a 24 hr. period), one element that seems to be the most consistent is wind.

When I finally committed to starting my business, I spent way more hours then I care to admit looking for a company name. I knew in my core there had to be some ties to where I grew up. I am a Fisherman's daughter, so perhaps something nautical? I am infatuated with my hometown's local history, so perhaps something specific to that area? I admire the grit of my Grandparents' generation, so perhaps a nod to the my family tree? It was browsing through an old English Dictionary of early Newfoundland sayings, that I found a word that, in my mind, encapsulated all of the aforementioned ideas - that word was windshook.

I have never read a definition that was more fitting to my views of life and general existence in Newfoundland & Labrador. Every fence you dove past, severely beaten by storms, yet still standing and guarding it's property. Every tragedy to occur in our tucked away outport towns, yet it's people trudge on. Every rock around our islands perimeter, slightly eroded, taking blow after blow from the angry sea, yet remains embedded in our geography. So that's how I knew 'windshook' had to be part of the business name I was creating.

My vision for the Windshook Lab Ltd.

I wanted to create something a little off-the-beaten-path for this venture in terms of interior design services. My soulful connection to the term 'windshook' really started to build a foundation for this vision - the foundation to a business that would be more than interior design trends, more than caring about a social media existence and more than simply buying nice things and putting them on display. This would be about setting the tone for your home to become your firm foundation, so no matter how 'windshook' life can get, you have a safe place to turn inside your four walls.

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